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Perp: A protein that keeps skin cells together

Our cells should constantly be close together so that they can continuously communicate with each other. A good communication between cells indicates that our different tissues and organs functions properly. Perp is a type of protein that keeps skin cells together. A new study which is about to be published in PLoS Genetics, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have found that if the amount Perp in the skin cells is lower than normal could cause skin cancers.

Cancers as we all know is one major cause of miscommunications among cells and Perps is the vital substance that should be maintained in proper proportions in our body so that we may avoid cancers. Perps is found everywhere in our internal tissues and therefore this new findings is very valuable if it is really true.

Wow, another great patents and another breakthrough in science.

IVF Fertilization cures Infertility

2010 Nobel Price winner in Medicine Robert G. Edwards has made it possible to cure infertility with vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy. If you remember the famous test tube babies that made headlines in the late 70’s, then you will remember that the scientist behind it is Robert G. Edwards. He started his research more than six decades ago and finally got some recognition by being awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Medicine and with this award, it undoubtedly confirmed that Robert G. Edwards is a real genius.

This guy is a real genius! He is the first man that was able to successfully grow not just tissues but a human being on a cell culture dish or more popularly known as petri dish. I just wonder how the Church reacted to this kind of experiment. But anyways, his works is very valuable and that the whole of mankind should be proud of him.

To date, 4 million people had so far been born with the help of IVF, maybe these people could be following Dr Edwards in  twitter and that should make Dr Edwards one of the most famous celebrities on Twitter, hahaha.

The BioTech Industry can provide jobs for all of Mankind

Just imagine how many cells are there in a human being? How many genetic strands are there in just one cell? How many living organisms are there on our planet? So if we will sum it all up, probably 1 with trillions of zeros is the answer. This should be enough to keep us all busy all year round for the next 10000 years or more.

What are the possible jobs that the industry can offer? There can be jobs to search for substances that will enhance communication between our cells, there can be jobs to design devices that will help us unlock the secrets of biology, there can be jobs to find the mathematical equation to decribe the interaction among cells, there can be jobs that concentrates on finding solutions to prevent the aging process, there can be jobs that will be responsible in creating new substances to make existing devices that we use today more efficient and accurate. There are so many jobs that the BioTech Industry can offer. More fulfilling jobs that is.

Knowing how nature works is a lifetime job for all of mankind and is therefore can provide long lasting and stable jobs for all us. 

Different Types of Stem Cells

It is essential that the public must at least know what stem cells are and what they can do to make us live longer and healthier by maybe helping delay the aging process, repair our damaged tissues and body parts. It is well known already that embryonic stem cells obviously are the one’s that contains all the necessary ingredients(perhaps the complete source code) to transform themselves into other types of cells that would later on create different tissues and in due time a complete human being. If we look at it in the computer programming perspective, these stem cells carries the complete source code to form a complete human being. It would be so cool if we are able to understand complete how this process and be able to simulate it in a digital environment.

It is so sad that in our generation and maybe the whole future generation of the human race would really consider immoral to get the embryonic stem cell from a newly fertilized and healthy human embryo because even though it is just a human embryo regardless of how it was fertilized, is still considered a living human being and from that stage, he is already entitled to all the rigths that a fully grown human being enjoys.

Stem Cell research can still be carried out using the adult stem cell or the multipotent stem cells. These stem cells can not transformed themselves into just any other type of cells. Their capabilities are limited. It depends on where they are extracted. But nevertheless, can solve so many problems that inflecting so many people today.

Stem Cell Researchers today are still making experiment if it is possible to convert the adult stem cells to some other types of cells other than the once it had came from. In other words, they are searching for the right kind of stimulus to trigger it to transform to a particular cell type that they desire.

Blood Cells

Blood Cells perform the most vital functions that is to distribute oxygen throughout our body and collects the carbon dioxide that each of our tissues produce. Basically our body needs oxygen to survive and produce carbon dioxide as a waste product. A certain amount of energy( a pressure) is needed to keep the blood cells travel throughout our body. This energy is supplied by our heart which is mysteriously keeps pumping even when it is intially produced on a petri dish.

Always remember that that this energy that will keep us alive must be maintained. Having the right energy will keep our body function properly. If there is too much energy, it could cause hypertension and will slowly destroy our body and could cause our death. So proper diet and healthy lifestyle is needed to avoid such incidences.

In the future, once we know exactly how all this things really works, and has developed devices that will help us control this energy, we can expect that we can have a healthier, enjoyable and painless lifestyle no matter how negligent and careless we are.

Why Stem Cell Research violate Federal Laws?

In the USA, there is a law that prohibits the government from funding research that could harm or destroys human embryos. Does this means that Stem Cell Research really violates this LAW? To some extent yes if scientist use human embryos as specimens. It does not when the source of stems cell comes from other parts of the body.

It is really immoral but to use human embryos as specimens. Why do scientist needs the stem cells in human embryos? Well it is the most potent of all stem cells according to them. But sad to say, it is the main source of human life during its early stages. Maybe there could be some other ways to get the substance.

And because it is considered immoral the US government has disapproved hundreds of grants for Stem Cell research. For now, the whole world views it as immoral and unacceptable.

The DNA and 2012

With the recent showing of the movie “2012″, I thought of checking out some speculations of what is going to happen on December 21, 2012. To my surprise, there is an speculation that there will be no major apocalyptic event on the said date but instead there will be a major change in our DNA. A major DNA upgrade that is. A major upgrade in DNA would mean in a conservative point of view, will be a major catastrophy. But if we will look at it more closely, a DNA upgrade could make us a lot smarter, more beautiful, stronger, etc.

At present, our knowledge of DNA has almost matured that some scientists are able to compare DNA from our various ancestors to our current DNA. They have astonishing discovery that there really several occurences of major DNA upgrades in the past and always coincides with the 26,000 year period which is about to happen on December 12, 2012.

Although it didn’t moved me at all because it was just a speculation or is it? Well who knows? Here is the documentary on which I based my article and you may visit his website . And more details can be found by googling.

Cells in Biological Weaponry

This post is somehow a continuation of my previous post about the device that will enable us to transform a chicken into a dog and back without doing any harm or giving any pain to the chicken.

If the time will come that such a device will become a reality then perhaps a more sophisticated form of weaponry can also be developed that will surprisingly be more powerful than the atomic bomb. These biological weapons could be block the communications between cells causing each cell to either die instantly or probably stay away from each other and within minutes, the chicken would have become a mere form of liquid.

These are some of the reasons why many scientists today are more focused on research and development related activities in Biotechnology aside from the fact that there are still a lot of patentable discoveries, processes and technologies. 

Skin Cells as Electronic Sensors

Human skin cells as the largest organ tissue, interfaces with our invironment and has a lot of interesting features which can be tapped by Electronic Gadget Designers/Researchers.

Our skin when used as an ordinary material and harnessed its immense power could bring new generation of sensors and eminently highly accurate and sophisticated electronic gadgets.

If you could just make electronic instruments that will automatically tell you the characteristics of a material, sense temperature and pressure, can easily detect which part of the machine is failing, sense movements around it? The drawdown is that it easily gets destroyed at high temperatures and it ages but that might not be a problem when we have unlocked the mystery of cell regeneration and learned how to accelerate it.

And based on the latest biological researches and experiments, skin cells can be reprogrammed to transform itself into stem cells, now we are talking about reconfigurable architecture.

EiBox is an example of Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE)

Cells as the basic form of life that we know have the characteristics of organizing themselves to work harmoniously to form a system that is part of a living organism just like us humans. Cells are ultimately highly scalable and so sophisticated. Cells is an envy of most Electronics Engineers and so began to emerge a new area of Science called SyNAPSE(Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics).

And coincidentaly and very recently, I have been investing most of my time developing an intelligent electronic switch(EiBox) with an original vision of creating a system that will enhance the lifestyle of every man on the planet by basically improving the efficiency and usefulness of the appliances in the house. But then, I realized how important EiBox can be, it can be used as a security alarm, energy saver and since Eibox can communicate with other EiBoxes in three different methods(RF, Wired and through the use of a hub or PC which doubles as a command center), I realized that I can create a program to make Eibox represent the neuron or a cell and the network of EiBoxes can be made intelligently to behave like a living organism. EiBox can be made scalable up to the biological level.

What does this means? It’s like having a home that thinks and intelligent enough to protect itself. So each time you leave the house, you’d think as if you have your house in your pocket. There is nothing you don’t know about your house even when you are in it.